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Monday, October 1, 2012



WordPress is a blog template system that was launched in 2001 as a single bit of code used to enhance the composition of writing. Since then it has become the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. Millions of people on a vast number of websites use it every day. WordPress was designed due to the desire and need for a well-designed and structured publishing system using PHP and MySQL. It was created out of necessity as users demanded a high performance system. With thorough research on the aspects needed and demanded by writers, WordPress evolved into a project, which has a large following and user satisfaction. The creation of WordPress has taken the world by storm.
The creators of WordPress are Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. They determined the name of their software from a suggestion by Christine Selleck who was a friend of Matt. Realizing the name fit the application, the decision was made to use it. In 2004, the licensing terms moved WordPress into a new market, maximizing the growth of usage. Using different techniques, it includes codes (PHP and HTML) and themes that allow the users to switch between needed applications.
Included in the application are integrated link management features, search engine friendly options, multiple author capabilities, and support for posts and articles. Automatic features provide formatting and personalized styles of text within articles. This option allows users to convert regular quotes into smart quotes, while also supporting techniques that allow the users to link information to websites. All of these functions have been updated through time. In 2005, a release of version 1.5 introduced themes, which were downloaded over 900,000 times. This added to already current user base. With the demands for further implementations of techniques, hosted services produced a release of version 2.0.
With each new version, downloads for the application grew. In 2006 there were 1,545,703 downloads followed by 3,816,965 downloads in 2007. Downloads for the unique plug-in in 2006 were 191,567. In 2007, the 1,384 plug-in had downloads of 2,845,884. With every new feature, WordPress continued to meet the needs of users and created a better environment for users. Starting after Version 1.0, most of the releases have been coded after well-known jazz musicians. So, have fun with Wordpress...............................

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